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How dare you abuse our children and our leaders.

IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND the subject matter, all the mechanisms that influence the world weather, the world climate and the world itself require decades of research. Each piece of information consists of words and evidence on that what is said is the truth - also known as fact. One perspective based on facts consists of three viewpoints, and all perspectives are intertwined into one truthful Theos.

THE FIRST to affect the world and everything in the world is the space where the world is. This is where our story begins - not from the head of a 16 -years old kid, and certainly not from the head of the adults who's base of life is hers and other human beings fears.

NO SINGLE CONSISTENT SOLUTION to existing problems, not one single consistent suggestion on how to improve the living standard and environment. Out of context taken scientific facts are used to convince people that presented pseudoscientific beliefs are facts - which they are not. Those are in turn used to frighten children and adults as well as to guide them to act irrational and do non-consistent works. That is not by any means making things better but the opposite.

Recently made calculations point that 2019 is year 12924 (+-108 years) after the peak of the Ice Age season. Climate change was 3240 years ago in year 09720. The calculation is in short done using data from radiocar-bon datings of the environment and findings. It is not accurate at this point - but pretty close.

CLIMATE CHANGE was nearly 3240 years ago. Currently, we are heading towards the peak of this ongoing season - that in total is 6000 years long. The change will come - not the way it is believed to come, but the way it comes. We have time to heal but the time doesn't last forever. Time will not end. Time starts from the beginning; When Winter ends Spring start. When Spring ends Summer start. When Summer ends Autumn start, and when Autumn ends Winter start again - in small and large time - and events scale. There is no consistency at all in fighting against a natural climate change that was 2000+ years ago. What we ought to do is repair the damage done as much as we can and adapt what is coming; The hottest part of the ongoing season.

WHAT IS GOOD in all ongoing climate change nonsense is that it certainly brought up the worst kind of threat for mankind and the environment: ignorance. By compassing the world around, inciting peoples against their leaders, increasing ignorance, fear, hate, persecution and so forth has never been and never will be a good deed - and has never lead to anything good. If you cover your windows with curtains, it does not mean that it gets lighter outside. It means that you are ignorant.

EVEN IF, someone has been abused as a child and someone has stolen her/his childhood and dreams, she/he is not entitled to steal another children's hopes and dreams, pointing at innocent people accusing them instead of the true criminal(s) - according to Human Rights.

IT IS UNDENIABLE that what Greta Thunberg, the PR gurus, companies, political or non-political organizations, as well as the media behind have presented, to the extent that the information is scientific truth and presented in a respectful way - it is good for all. However, it is equally undeniable that in addition to the out of context taken scientific truths, pseudoscientific information has been used, that set aside the good. The focal point remains; We don't believe that the root of outrageous frenzy, unfounded criticism against the leaders of the nations, spreading fear, bitterness as well as anger and anxiety amongst the people of the nations hurting children's mental health, is in a 16 -years old girl.

IT SEEMS LIKE Greta Thunberg is the marionette people are watching, listening and acting after, not seeing the ones who pull the strings.

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